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Rebuilding your career can be a troublesome task. Whether you have lost a job or are simply looking to broaden your skill set, we are here to help! We understand that rebuilding your career can be stressful, but we recommend reframing this as a minor alteration, like a door opening into a new and exciting beginning. At Utah Career Counseling, we are here to help you through this new adjustment of life and guide you into a fulfilling and lucrative new job role.

There are multiple reasons a person would need to rebuild their career, some of them include:

  • Loss of job or credential
  • Financial necessity
  • Wanting further growth
  • Needing a change

It is important to be honest with your career counselor when it comes to talking about your job search reasons, credentials, and background. We understand how tempting it can be to bend the truth about why you left your last job, but no matter how bad the truth may seem presently, this topic will come up during the interview process; preparing for that moment is a crucial element of success. It is always best to be honest with a future employer about why you left or got fired from a roll; and, Utah Career Counseling can teach you how to do this in a way that leaves them remembering you in a positive light and desiring to hire you.

Know that is it ok to get upset about losing a job, but remember to take this as an opportunity to build a more substantial life for yourself. At Utah Career Counseling, we are here to listen and help guide you to the next phase of your career. Schedule a meeting with one of our professionals today and begin again to live your dreams!